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Strategic Services

Achieving a competitive advantage in today’s world requires an astute, innovative, and intensely strategic approach to advocacy. We provide consistent reporting on all activity and results. When you engage with us you know what you’re paying for.


Our team specializes in guiding clients through several strategic initiatives listed below.

Alliance Development

Alliance Development


We create influential alliances leading to success in meeting policy goals. We approach advocacy by providing practical assessments of the political environment, and then collaborate with clients to formulate a successful strategy to meet their unique needs. We actively monitor critical issues and build relationships between clients and government officials, associations, business leaders, and other key opinion leaders as part of the strategic focus.


Our Alliance Development services include:


  • Coalition Building
  • Grasstops Influencer Advocacy
  • Electronic & Traditional Alliance Campaigns
  • Social Media Management & Training
  • Advocacy Toolkit
  • Grassroots Activation
  • Neighbor Relations
  • Charitable Giving Management
  • Communications Database Management & Correspondence
  • Canvassing Management

Media Relations

Media Relations


Proactive media initiatives define your public image, and preempt negative stories. We know that a clear and concise message to the right reporters is the key to results. Our media relations campaigns can stand alone or enhance traditional government relations.


There comes a time when every company finds themselves in the midst of a crisis. Crisis communications has to be approached through an objective and deliberate lens. We can work with your team to assess the nature of your issue and how to effectively manage and contain the media response.


Our Media Relations services include:


  • Crisis Communications
  • Press Conferences
  • Media Training
  • Press Releases
  • Media Advisories
  • Op-Eds
  • Letters to the Editors
  • Media Toolkit
  • Newsletters




We work with lobbying teams and law firms to achieve a client’s legislative goals. Support for a direct lobbying team is an integral part of strengthening a public policy campaign. We provide extended support and staff for your direct lobbying teams to enhance legislative efforts.


Our lobbying support services include meetings with Legislators, organizing lobby days, cultivating Legislator signatures for support and opposition letters, planning legislative receptions, and integrating elected officials into press efforts.

Social Media

Social Media


We use social media to amplify your message and the voices of your supporters. We utilize social media to network and build coalitions, as well as to advertise and promote issue advocacy. We work to make your issue viral, reaching targeted audiences on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope.


We manage your social media accounts, build social media editorial calendars, monitor social media activity around your legislative issues, and offer guidance on how to maximize the potential of your social media networks. We also recruit allies to post about client legislative priorities on their social media networks to increase awareness of the issues.


In addition to social media management, we provide website content management, social media advertising, blog copywriting, and social content creation, including memes and infographics.

Event Planning

Event Planning


Successful event planning is detail oriented and time consuming. We take your idea and turns it into a flawless event. From press conferences to lobby days, business and educational seminars to media tours, success comes from dedicated organization, attention to detail, and extensive planning.


We organize:


  • Roundtables with Advocacy Groups, Industry Experts, and Legislative Staff
  • Educational Forums and Symposiums
  • Media Tours and Celebrity Spokesperson Events
  • Ribbon Cuttings and Unveilings
  • Town Halls and Community Meetings
  • Lobby Days
  • Issue Rallies
  • Press Events and Media Tours