We change the face of influence through innovation, integration and strategic brand alignment.

In 2010, we were founded with the belief that success is a result of loving your work and finding your inspiration.

Since that time, Jaime Venditti and Julie Miner - along with their carefully cultivated team of dedicated professionals - have worked tirelessly on behalf of their clients to achieve their goals. In doing so, they have earned a reputation as a creative, driven, and goal-oriented firm that gets the job done.

  • Jamie Venditti

    Managing Partner & President

  • Julie Miner

    Managing Partner & CEO


  • Giulia Balentine

    Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Happiness Daniel

    Advocacy & Events Fellow

  • Beatrice Hyppolite

    Public Affairs & Communications Fellow

  • Rob Rigo

    Social Media & Content Manager

  • Mia Tommins

    Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Schyler Belonga

    Executive Support Associate

  • Meghan Blasig

    Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Ashlee Casper Palmieri

    Senior Vice President

  • Minda Conroe

    Managing Director

  • Francisca Cruz

    Director of Alliance Development & Events

  • Kristen Curran

    Vice President of Government Affairs

  • Brittney Geils

    Digital & Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Erin Hearn

    Alliance Development Manager

  • Nicolas Marcotrigiano

    Community Relations Coordinator

  • Michelle McCarthy

    Communications & Alliance Manager

  • Adam Morey

    Vice President, Director of Media Relations

  • Jeff Quain

    Director of Operations

  • Sofia Vilar

    Public Affairs & Event Coordinator


    If you're interested in joining our team, email us.

    Communications & Public Affairs Fellowship

    Fellows will gain experience developing relationships with industry leaders, honing media and public relations skills, work on advocacy campaigns involving the corporate and non-profit sector, coordinate strategic social media campaigns, monitor media, and conduct research. The program also includes HR and business management training and access to virtual networking events. The fellowship concludes with a capstone project where the fellow will create a PR campaign for a pro-bono client.

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    Events & Advocacy Fellowship

    Fellows will learn to build relationships with elected officials and community partners, communicate with advocacy groups, coordinate events, draft social media, conduct research, and provide staff support. The program also includes HR and business management training and access to virtual networking events. The fellowship concludes with a capstone project that outlines a strategic alliance development campaign for a pro-bono client. The program will provide mentorship from senior-level team members at J Strategies, weekly skills training sessions, and the opportunity to advance internally. The curriculum will allow a structured and cohesive educational and professional experience from start to finish.

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    Social Media & Content Manager

    J Strategies is looking for a Social Media and Content Manager to join our team.


    The ideal candidate will have excellent written and verbal communications skills with a strong understanding of how to message and engage targeted audiences effectively. They will also have proven experience in building and managing communities and executing social media campaigns.


    J Strategies has a modern work environment with a mix of travel, office work, and flexible work-from-home days. The company environment is fast-paced and focused on high-quality client deliverables.

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