Protecting the reputation of one of the most recognized brands in the world

  • Challenge

    More than 90 percent of McDonald’s restaurants in the United States are owned and operated by independent franchisees who are integral parts of their communities. It often becomes difficult for many of these local business owners to break through the noise and showcase all the good work and charitable causes they are involved with each and every day. J Strategies began working with franchisees Courtney and Mike Feehan in 2018 to do just that.

  • How

    J Strategies needed to tell the tremendous story surrounding these local business owners. Also, they needed to devise strategies to help their business flourish and grow among their existing customer base and also bring in new cusomters to the restaurants.

  • Solution

    We have worked with the Feehans to promote all of their good work in the community in the local press and on social media. Additionally, we have worked with them to create plans to increase those opportunities for visibility among customers but also among elected officials and other stakeholders, such as restaurant grand openings and local events for families.


  • Nearly 1 million social media impressions 
  • Hundreds of thousands of positive press impressions 
  • Tens of thousands of dollars raised for local charities
  • Scores of local stakeholders activated and engaged
  • Dozens of in-store events
  • Thousands of happy, loyal customers across 8 separate McDonald’s restaurants
  • 1 satisfied Owner/Operator

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