Passing legislation for a growing sport

  • Challenge

    With years of built-up opposition to securing passage in Albany of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), there was a need – upon a change in the Assembly leadership – for an aggressive and targeted campaign to influence and educate members of the legislature of its benefits to New York’s economy.

  • How

    New York was the only state left in the country to maintain a ban on mixed martial arts (MMA). For eight years, legislation was introduced to legalize the sport, but the bills never passed out of the NYS Assembly’s Tourism Committee.

  • Solution

    J Strategies assembled an extensive coalition of gym owners, elected officials, sports arenas, and economic development groups and activated them via social media, op-eds, letters to the editors, rallies, protests, and press conferences. We also built a social media following of more that 25,000 people, secured 50,000 signatures on an online petition, and planned and executed a statewide media tour.


  • 25,000 Facebook fans 
  • 50,000 online petition signatures
  • 12 statewide press conferences
  • 113 NYS Assembly votes
  • 48 NYS Senate votes
  • 1 Governor’s signature approving MMA in New York State

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