We change the face of influence through innovation, integration and strategic brand alignment.

In 2010, we were founded with the belief that success is a result of loving your work and finding your inspiration.

Since that time, Jaime Venditti and Julie Miner - along with their carefully cultivated team of dedicated professionals - have worked tirelessly on behalf of their clients to achieve their goals. In doing so, they have earned a reputation as a creative, driven, and goal-oriented firm that gets the job done.

  • Jamie Venditti

    Managing Partner & President

  • Julie Miner

    Managing Partner & CEO

  • Giulia Balentine

    Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Schyler Belonga

    Executive Support Associate

  • Meghan Blasig

    Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Ashlee Casper Palmieri

    Senior Vice President

  • Minda Conroe

    Managing Director

  • Francisca Cruz

    Director of Alliance Development & Events

  • Kristen Curran

    Vice President of Government Affairs

  • Brittney Geils

    Digital & Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Erin Hearn

    Alliance Development Manager

  • Nicolas Marcotrigiano

    Community Relations Coordinator

  • Michelle McCarthy

    Communications & Alliance Manager

  • Veronica Molina

    Social Media Manager

  • Adam Morey

    Vice President, Director of Media Relations

  • Jeff Quain

    Director of Operations

  • Sofia Vilar

    Public Affairs & Event Coordinator

Our approach focuses on process, culture, diversity, and shared values.

We work in diverse communities. We embrace diversity within our workforce. Fostering leadership in a polycultural world is essential. J Strategies values an inclusive environment where we learn from one another. We embrace diversity across various races, religions, political perspectives, gender identities, LGBTQ+ status, different physical and mental abilities, age, and nationality.

Our process starts with achieving your company's objectives and ensuring that you are equipped with the right tools and the right talent to do so. Whether a targeted media relations campaign is the right way to go or a full-court press government relations effort makes the mosts sense, we will discover together and hit the ground running.

J Strategies' culture is one of mutual respect and learning from one another. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we know that we are serious enough to get the job done and get it done right.

We value hard work, tenacity of spirit, perseverance, and an intelligent curiosity. We look for clients and staff who share our values and feel a kinship with those who do.

Community is not only about proximity, but about purpose. It's about sharing common goals and common characteristics to achieve something bigger than yourself. J Strategies is focused on our community for the same reason. Whether in Albany, New York City, Boston or beyond, we believe our community brings us closer to achieving our mission each and every day.

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