INSIGHT Jan 20 2021

Today, we were immensely proud to witness the peaceful transfer of power from one lawful administration to the next with the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Vice President Kamala Harris. After the swearing-in of two new senators from Georgia this afternoon, the United States Senate also changed hands from one party to […]

INSIGHT Jan 11 2021

Julie Miner & Jaime Venditti Managing Partner and CEO; Managing Partner and President, J Strategies Other key employees: Ashlee Casper Palmieri, Minda Conroe, Francisca Cruz, Kristen Curran, Adam Morey, Jeff Quain, Ross Wallenstein Notable clients: PhRMA, Internet Association, Compassion & Choices, Heorot, BCW, Unchained At Last Company highlights: We hired Jeff Quain from the governor’s office. We celebrated our […]