J Strategies Among City & State’s “2021 Political PR Power 50”

INSIGHT Jan 11 2021

Julie Miner & Jaime Venditti

Managing Partner and CEO; Managing Partner and President, J Strategies

Other key employees: Ashlee Casper Palmieri, Minda Conroe, Francisca Cruz, Kristen Curran, Adam Morey, Jeff Quain, Ross Wallenstein

Notable clients: PhRMA, Internet Association, Compassion & Choices, Heorot, BCW, Unchained At Last

Company highlights: We hired Jeff Quain from the governor’s office. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2020, and now have staff throughout the Northeast and offices in Albany, Boston and New York City. We launched a Diversity Fellowship Program to increase diversity within the political and media consulting industry.

How did the world change in 2020 – and how are you adapting in 2021?

This year was different for everyone. We focused on guiding clients to a completely digital operation, such as converting small- and large-scale events online. J Strategies’ entire staff has always worked from home every Friday, so we were ready for what the year threw at us and remained able to focus on our clients’ needs. In 2021, we will continue to be committed to our clients with new branding and a new J Strategies’ website.

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