J Strategies Congratulates Senate Majority Leader Schumer!

INSIGHT Jan 20 2021

Today, we were immensely proud to witness the peaceful transfer of power from one lawful administration to the next with the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. and Vice President Kamala Harris. After the swearing-in of two new senators from Georgia this afternoon, the United States Senate also changed hands from one party to another.

We are thrilled to see a New Yorker, Senator Charles E. Schumer, become the Majority Leader of the Senate. Senator Schumer has working-class roots that will serve America well. He will focus on justice, equity, and opportunity. He will work across the aisle to unite our nation once again. 

We at JS would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the roots of a few on our team in the office of the new Majority Leader’s Senate. Julie Miner, our CEO and managing partner, served as Senator Schumer’s Regional Director for Central and Northern New York before forming J Strategies with Jaime Venditti. Two others – Minda Conroe and Ashlee Palmieri – also worked with the Senator prior to joining the firm. Much like many of their friends and former colleagues who had the privilege of working with him, they found Senator Schumer to be incredibly intelligent, genuinely interested in making public policy work for people, and connected to his constituents in ways unlike any other senator or elected official. For example, every year, he famously makes it a priority to visit every single one of New York State’s 62 counties at least once.

With Senator Schumer as the Majority Leader, the implications for New York State will be immeasurable over the next few years. A native of Brooklyn who represented his home borough in the state Assembly and the US House of Representatives before being elected to the Senate in 1998, he will be able to fight for New York like he was unable to in the past. His ability to bring federal dollars to projects all around the state – from infrastructure to tax benefits – will be unrivaled among his colleagues. Similarly, his concern for state and local initiatives will not go unnoticed. In the current economic climate, when New York State is facing a $15 billion budget deficit, Senator Schumer’s power will prove more important than ever before.

Outside of New York, the Senate Majority Leader certainly has input into dollars spent by the United States Treasury. With his knowledge of the budget process and his sincere interest in making government work for everyone around the country, he will be a new kind of leader for individuals and businesses alike.

As a firm with proud Schumer alums, our feelings on the Senator are a little different than many outside his orbit. We know him as a tough boss, to be sure. But he is also kind, caring, and a mentor to so many like Julie and Minda, who have gone onto other stations in life – both in and out of politics. His influence will now be felt far and wide as the Majority Leader of the United States Senate and we are so proud to have been a small part of his journey to this point.

Congratulations, Majority Leader Schumer!